I'm a freelance photographer and specialize in providing images for sports events PR. I work closely with PR agencies, race directors and magazine editors to produce shots for use in marketing, editorial and social media. The majority of my work is stills photography although I can also provide video clips for social media use.


My niche area is endurance/ ultra style events but have a background in mass participation as well. I'm happy to work up mountains and from the back of motorbikes. My clients include some of the biggest and toughest ultra triathlons (in the world)  and trail runs ( in the UK). I'm based in the South of England but can work internationally - I've got a clean driver's licence and hold all the relevant insurances.

I trained originally in Art Theory and History before doing a post graduate course in photography.  I have a personal love of the Great Outdoors and have participated in endurance stuff myself so felt drawn to this particular field.  I am always seeking to frame my work as standalone pieces, as opposed to banging out generic race event shots - this translates to picture editors being enthusiastic about including my shots in magazine publications, and people stopping to click on images in social media. 


I can also provide one to one training for organizers of smaller race events who are wanting to look after their own photography. This is mainly content led, and able to be done with smartphones, with an emphasis on what shots you need, tips on how to take a more interesting photo, and practical solutions to timeline and logistical constraints.


Please do get in touch for a chat if there's an area that I might be able to help you with.  The best method is either to fill in the form here or to just drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll get back to you asap.